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November 7, 2022 Cloud-Based HR and Payroll Software By admin

Autus Cyber Tech, providing cutting-edge software solutions since 2002, is a multinational technology organization based out of India, offering cloud based HR and payroll software development services to clients across the US, US, Canada, Australia, and India.

Disruptions caused by the pandemic in the technology field throughout 2020 and at present have compelled organizations worldwide to rethink their strategies and how they function.

With an innovative view to providing the best HR software for performance management and simultaneously addressing the long-term needs of companies worldwide, Autus Cyber Tech has launched an advanced cloud-based HR and payroll software.

Proximo is a comprehensive Human Resource Management System (HRMS) designed to address needs that include but are not limited to recruitment and onboarding, workforce management (time & attendance), leave management, payroll, HR database management, etc.

With a deep focus on technical innovation and strategy for HR management, we have developed cloud-based HR software capable of meeting all your human resource management, payroll processing, and compliance management requirements.

How Does a Cloud-based HR and Payroll Software Work?

The evolution of HR data management has begun, and the traditional methods that include using Excel sheets, ledgers, or expensive Software are being replaced with the best HR software for performance management and 360-degree optimization of HR operations. In addition, the new technology has introduced cloud-based systems that help you manage all your HR operations online with ease.

Cloud-based HR software is an easy-to-use HR management system that is hosted on the servers of either the SaaS provider or the business owner (you). Such a system can be used on multiple devices selected by your company, with individual accounts for each user or employee. Furthermore, due to the simple accessibility, each user can upload data from their respective department on the system, which can all be monitored with just a few taps.

Proximo is one such advanced cloud-based HR and payroll software. It is a reliable system developed by Autus Cyber Tech and is used by business organizations all around the globe for smooth and streamlined HR operations and payroll management.

With the implementation of the Software, your day-to-day HR responsibilities like attendance management, payroll, employee records management, and recruitment budgets can be tracked and shared with individuals as well as a group of employees you choose.

Why Do You Need Cloud-based HR and Payroll software? 

The workload and responsibilities of the HR department across industries increase naturally as and when a business grows or expands. With new entities of the company adding up, an additional task for the HR team is to manage and update data regularly, which consumes a lot of time!

In many cases, companies tend to hire employees for the sole purpose of updating this data and evaluating it for future use. When the HR team gets engrossed in these tasks, they are kept away from using their full potential to enhance the growth of the business via appropriate talent management. Because most of the time, they are busy creating records and maintaining them.

On the other hand, if a company gets cloud-based HR & payroll software, they save a lot of time for the HR team. Because now, the HR employees can focus on recruiting efficient candidates, adding to the growth of the business rather than just maintaining data every now and then. 

Our HR management software helps maintain data and keep track of it quickly and effortlessly, allowing your company to avoid hiring additional HR personnel. It is a win-win situation – you save not only time but also money that you can invest in other value-adding business areas.

Top Benefits of Our HR & Payroll Software for Your Organization

Improved Communication & Collaboration

Communication between your HR employees is crucial. It is often seen in big organizations that HR department employees face various communication challenges, specifically when they need to manage things digitally. Our Cloud-based HR software will help you meet all those challenges. Your HR employees can connect and collaborate with each other efficiently, while managers can take track of everything, including data and reports shared on the platform. As a result, it helps you speed up operations and prevent process-related delays.

Enhanced Productivity

Our HR software will not need much human effort. As your team can leverage automation features to automate some of the most basic yet repetitive and time-consuming tasks, they can save considerable time. As a result, they utilize this saved time on other essential tasks, leading to higher productivity. Our HRM software helps you streamline and optimize HR operations, from recruitment to employee relief.

Increased Data Accuracy

The HRM software by Autus Cyber Tech has been developed to eliminate all possible errors and mistakes in data. You know these errors or even mistakes can affect your organization on financial and legal grounds. Hence, we have paid particular attention to adding some features that increase accuracy across your data sets. Most of these features use AI and automation to read and detect errors you can quickly rectify.

Legal Compliance Assured

As an organization, you need to submit your workforce and payroll-related information to dedicated government bodies in your state and specific federal departments. As you want to report accurate data and information, you want to avoid taking a risk using an HRM system that doesn’t have the capabilities to assure compliance. With our cloud-based HR and payroll software, maintain highly-accurate data and access customizable payroll compliance reports that can be generated within minutes.

Cost Savings

Investing in multiple applications for different aspects of your HR department can turn out to be expensive. At Autus Cyber Tech, we provide you with an all-in-one, cloud-based HRM software, allowing you to save a sufficient portion of your HR software expenditure. As the system also allows you to prevent costly data mistakes, you save some money by not getting charged with fines due to non-compliance. Moreover, it comes with an affordable HR and payroll management system, saving you more. Now you can utilize all that saved money for other value-adding business areas.

How Does Our HR & Payroll Software Transform Your HR Operations?

Organized Record Management

Your HR employees might be using different Software for different tasks, which increases the risk of errors and delays because it can take time to collate records after sourcing from various applications. With our HRM software, you can store all the HR records in a well-organized manner so that you can access the required information when you need it.

Centralized Database for Higher Security

Allow your HR personnel to leverage a centralized database protected by a multi-layer authentication protocol. You can set security measures and allow access to only authorized employees of the HR department. Again, it is to ensure the prevention of unauthorized access to sensitive information. With our highly-secure cloud-based HR and payroll software, rest assured about data security.

Real-time Access to Important Information

As you use the HRM software for time and attendance management apart from employee information management, the system will keep maintained records of each minor detail you may need at any point in time. In addition, the HR and payroll software developed by Autus Cyber Tech allows you to access important information as soon as it is updated in the system by any authorized user.

Efficient Work Management

When you get the power to keep your data organized and secure, access data updates in real time, and streamline HR operations, you experience a smooth flow of functionality that leads to efficient work management. Even if some of your HR employees work from home, they can manage the work using our cloud-based HRM software from anywhere, anytime.

Detailed Reporting

Your organization’s human resource department regularly generates various types of reports for different purposes. The reporting process usually consumes many billable hours, hampering productivity. We have simplified this aspect by allowing you to use custom reporting templates that are detailed, saving your staff time that they can utilize in other productive tasks.

How to Implement Our Cloud-based HRM Software?

Now that you have good knowledge about these web-based HR systems let’s learn how to use them for HR performance management systems and Payroll Management. Many companies feel the need for cloud/web-based HR software, but they often think that it would be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. However, it is remarkable that an HR and Payroll Management system has been developed to save you time and money simultaneously! 

Right after you buy an HR employee management software, the related vendor will set up these systems on your preferred devices. Oftentimes they are super simple to install and get started with so that you are able to do it on your own without going through a hefty instruction book! 

Suppose you have the web-based HR management software installed in the devices by now; all you need to do is get all your selected users to update data on it regularly—for example, regular attendance, payroll, submissions, sales records, expenditures & other necessary data. The intelligent HR employee management system will automatically analyze all the information that is updated into it and present a detailed insight before you. You can get proper analytics of your business performance and compare it with your previous ventures. 

What are the Costs Associated with Cloud-based HR Software?

Almost every software company will provide you with two types of facilities.

Pre-designed packages, wherein you will be entitled to some fixed programs, and a limited number of your employees can access them. These are most suitable for brands that are just starting to raise the bar in the industry. These pre-designed packages have been created to tackle the everyday hassles by providing web-based HR management software for small businesses. 

Custom-tailored Software systems are most apt for large-sized companies working internationally. Managing the widespread employees can be a hefty task for the HR department, and thus custom-tailored Software takes care of the basic as well as complex needs of your brand. 

No matter which facility you choose, you will have to bear the expenses of every user that will be enrolled in this dedicated Software. The billings can be done monthly or annually, depending entirely on your choice. The average price range of cloud-based HR management software ranges from $40 to $200 per user per month. These prices may be increased if you wish to have more features added to it or a large number of users accessing it.

Why Choose Us?

Proximo, a cloud-based HR and payroll software developed by Autus Cyber Tech, is trusted by many companies around the globe. With our Software, you can meet several challenges that come your way when it comes to HR management. As your company starts managing its workforce better, it gets into a better position to compete with its competitors. 

With our comprehensive, advanced, and scalable HR and payroll software, your HR employees get more time to focus on speeding up recruitment and onboarding and enhancing learning and development.

Our supportive team of professionals is always there for you to discuss your company’s requirements and develop custom-tailored cloud-based HR and payroll software at the most affordable prices.

Get a Customized Cloud-based HR and Payroll Software for Your Organization Today!

Our cloud-based HR and payroll software has been designed precisely for you! All you need to do is contact us, and we will provide you with custom-tailored, best web-based HR software for employee performance and payroll management.

We have a variable pricing model under which you only need to pay the cost as per your requirements. Our experts will note down all the necessary features that will be helpful for the daily chores of your HR department and will provide you with a detailed quote with a price that suits your needs and budget!

Contact us now to get the best cloud based ERP software & payroll management software for your organization.

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