Performance Management Software

HR Performance Management Software System

Build High-performance Workforce and Measure Employee’s Productivity

Evaluating and managing employee performance has never been easier or more effective with Autus Cyber Tech’s Proximo HR performance management software which offers the ability to gauge employee performance in real-time and manage your team’s overall productivity from any location with an internet connection.

Why Use an HR Performance Management Software?

For years, HR leaders have been working toward creating a better-functioning workforce. The problem is that traditional performance management hasn’t been able to help them achieve this goal efficiently and effectively. In addition, the rise of technology and shifts in employee expectations have created a need for more modern performance management practices. Organizations need to successfully manage their talents to drive high business performance and ensure that their employees’ individual goals are aligned with company objectives. Consequently, more and more companies are turning to powerful HR performance management software and solutions as the answer.

Our HR performance management system is designed to help you manage and measure employee performance in real-time, through the entire employee life cycle, in line with organizational goals. Above all, With Proximo, businesses can evaluate employee quality fairly using a standard set of criteria for evaluation and get maximum value from their employees. It can be used to set goals and expectations, plan work, record progress continually, carry out self-evaluations, rate performance periodically in a summary fashion, and carry out self-evaluations.

So, if you’re looking for a robust, cloud based ERP Software, and HR performance management system that can grow the talent within your company who will take you into the future, call 7428824488.

Proximo HR Performance Management System’s Key Features

Developing an effective performance management process is daunting. Not anymore!

Proximo HR performance management system enables you to benchmark your staff’s performance against the industry’s and make more informed strategic decisions, ensuring your company’s continuous growth.

  • Easy-to-use, Clean User Interface – Our fully-configurable HR performance management system helps you design, implement, and streamline your performance review process via easy-to-create forms and dashboards that can be adapted to suit your business objectives.
  • 360 Degree Feedback – Create a 360-degree feedback project, complete with its own set of forms, to gather feedback from multiple managers and stakeholders within the business.
  • Time & Attendance Tracking – Keep a watch on your employees’ working hours and attendance automatically from any device.
  • Performance Reviews – Create an unlimited number of performance review forms and review templates that can be tailored for every role within your organization.
  • Appraisals – Set up appraisal projects within which you can manage all your appraisals for the current year, plus historical record data for previous years’ appraisals too.
  • Customizable Workflows – In addition to the standard workflow provided, create customized workflows that fit your specific needs.
  • Flexibility in the feedback cycle – Some companies use a formal annual review process; others prefer a more continuous feedback model. Our HR performance management system supports both models and offers the flexibility to move between them as business needs change over time.
  • Timekeeping – Access a detailed history of employee performance and feedback without having to search through old files or emails.
  • Reporting and Analytics – A fully integrated business intelligence HR performance management system that allows you to analyze performance data in real-time.

Take Your Employee Productivity and Performance to the Next Level with Proximo

Get a complete picture of employee performance at a glance

The Best HR software for performance management provides a visual and straightforward way to build an accurate picture of how each team member is performing. Using our system to create employee profiles allows you to track their attendance, keep track of their goals and objectives, compare different employees side by side, and access all this information right from your desktop or mobile device.

Simplify Employee Review Process

With our HR performance management system, you can streamline the entire employee review process. Instead of manually collecting data, using spreadsheets, and printing out documents, HR professionals. It can use Proximo New ERP system to do it all electronically.

Analyze trends

Autus CyberTech’s Proximo HR performance management system allows users to analyze data from multiple perspectives. As a result, Human resources staff can use this data to identify areas where improvement is needed within their organization.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals with employees and then tracking their progress toward those goals is often key to success in performance management. With the help of our HR performance management system, you can put specific goals and objectives in place for your employees. That helps your employees know what they need to do and how they can measure their progress toward these goals. In addition, When they’re clear on the goals. They’re more likely to be satisfied with their performance and more successful in meeting them.

Improve employee communication

Proximo provides a platform and structure for regular feedback and communication between HR managers and employees. With automated reminders and email notifications, the process becomes even more convenient for both parties involved. That ensures timely follow-ups and feedback on activities carried out by each employee within an organization.

Gain Better Visibility

Without visibility into employee performance, managers won’t help employees reach their goals. They also can’t address any issues that might arise during the year or at the end of the year. So, when it comes time for promotions and raises. Our best HR software for performance management systems allows HR managers to see which employees are having trouble reaching their goals. So that they can intervene before it becomes a major problem.

Create Career Growth and Development Opportunities for Employees

Promoting growth and development within an organization helps to keep employees motivated. It’s crucial for the growth of any business that its employees are not just satisfied with their jobs. But also have room for development, career enhancement opportunities, and the chance to grow within their roles.

Our HR performance management software gives HR executives and managers access. To all of their employees’ performance data at all times. That means that they will be able to identify. In addition, Those ready for a promotion or a new challenge. Enabling them to develop a tailored plan for each employee based on their individual needs.

Improve Both Business and Employee Productivity 

You can use our system to evaluate your employees based on their goals and completion dates. Employees can also enter their own self-evaluations or carry out 360° feedback with other staff members. You can also implement effective strategies that ensure employees work to their fullest potential.

By aligning individual goals with corporate goals. Our Proximo HR performance management system supports your company’s strategic objectives, improves employee performance, and achieves maximum efficiency.

Real-time reporting and analytics

Performance management is about far more than just annual reviews. Above all, It’s a continuous cycle of feedback and improvement that should keep your business running at peak efficiency. Our HR leave management system helps you analyze employee performance at every step of the way and drills down into data at both an individual level and companywide level.

Flexible form design

The days of one-size-fits-all forms are over. Our HR performance management software lets you create forms that match your particular business needs. With the option to create multiple versions for different departments or job roles. In addition, It also gives you the ability to change a form as needed without worrying about losing data from past reviews for manufacturing module in ERP.