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    • All-In-One Management Software
    • Cloud-Based
    • 100% Customizable & Scalable as Per Your Needs.
    • Flexible Deployment
    • Simple & Cost Effective

    Streamline Your Paper Manufacturing Process

    Increased Productivity

    Increased Productivity

    Automate and optimize your core business processes, helping everyone in your organization accomplish more.

    Operation Visibility

    Operation Visibility

    Get answers to critical business questions with operational visibility from a single system of record.

    Real Time Reporting

    Real Time Reporting

    Act on insights, improve performance and share results with real-time business and financial reporting.

    Reduce Risks

    Reduce Risks

    Predict and minimize risk with business visibility and control that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Simplify IT

    Simplify IT

    Give everyone an easier way to work and simplify IT with integrated ERP applications that run on a single database

    Enhance Agility

    Enhance Agility

    Accurate production, better inventory management, and enhanced coordination enables on-time delivery & thus resulting in customer satisfaction.

    Paper manufacturing industry is increasingly adopting ERP solutions to manage their day-to-day business operations. ERP software does not only help businesses in the paper industry to streamline operations and production but also enhances security and accountability across processes. ERP software for paper industry designed by Autus Cyber Tech is a dynamic solution that helps meet various challenges that the companies usually face in this fast-changing industry.

    Our ERP for paper industry focuses on improving process efficiencies and company-wide resource utilization to boost operational functionality and reduce turn-around times. Besides that, you can integrate your accounting and CRM software with it or simply get our customized modules to make it a complete package.

    At Autus Cyber Tech, we can create the best ERP software solution for your paper manufacturing business that will have secure data management tools, communication portals, and analytical features to help you manage your entire business using one software.

    Modules You Can Add Finance & Accounting

    Get real-time updates regarding financial transactions occurring across your company and with a click of your mouse, get a view of your company’s financial position by reviewing book-keeping to balance sheets.

    Human Resource Management

    Handle employee information, from recruitment to relieving and manage training programs on the go. Get a clearer view of the entire lifecycle of each employee.

    Production Management

    Place orders for material, plan production, allocate projects, schedule manufacturing cycles, and keep track of the entire inventory – all using one ERP software only.

    Purchase and Sales

    Speed up production time by efficiently managing purchase orders in sync with sales orders. Streamline your purchase and sales operations with our specialized ERP for paper industry.


    Never miss out on any sales opportunities; track newly generated leads and their status, send quotes faster and improve customer experiences to retain them for longer.


    With our ERP’s customizable reporting templates, generate and send internal and external reports well on time, leading to greater visibility into operational processes.

    Customer Support

    Establish automatic response to common queries and integrate your chatbots or customer database with the ERP to provide a seamless customer support experience.

    Asset Management

    Get regular updates about your current and old assets, their due maintenance, value creation, and depreciation.

    Benefits of Our ERP Software for Paper Industry:

    Autus Cyber Tech is providing high quality and highly secure ERP solutions to manufacturing businesses across industries. With our ERP software for paper industry, you (as a paper manufacturing business owner) can streamline end-to-end operations, from human resource management to supply chain management, statutory reporting to compliance assurance, and accounting to financial reporting.

    Get your paper company the edge it requires to conquer the market, contact us today to get a quote.

    • Smart, fast, and easy integration

    • Complete data security

    • User-friendly dashboards

    • Master data management

    • Speedy functionality

    • Minimal down time

    • Flexible accessibility

    • Scaling possibilities

    • Enhanced inventory and supply chain management

    • Make better business decision faster

    • Lower administrative costs

    • Ensure compliance

    • Finance and accounting on the go

    Why Choose Proximo


    Deep Industry Experience

    10+ years of industry experience providing deep industry expertise & solutions.


    Licence Free Implementation

    No Need to worry about adding an additional licence.


    Purpose Built

    100% industry focused solution for manufacturing.


    Cloud Based

    Access data anytime from Anywhere.


    Built for the Future

    Agile ERP thatl keeps pace with the rapidly changing business and ERP Requirements

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