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Proximo ERP – The Powerful ERP for Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing to Automates and Streamline Business Operations in a Single Place.

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Exclusively for Electronic Manufacturers in India
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    • All-In-One Management Software
    • Cloud-Based
    • 100% Customizable & Scalable as Per Your Needs
    • Flexible Deployment
    • Simple & Cost Effective

    Streamline Your Manufacturing Process

    Increased Productivity

    Increased Productivity

    Automate and optimize your core business processes, helping everyone in your organization accomplish more.

    Operation Visibility

    Operation Visibility

    Get answers to critical business questions with operational visibility from a single system of record.

    Real Time Reporting

    Real Time Reporting

    Act on insights, improve performance and share results with real-time business and financial reporting.

    Reduce Risks

    Reduce Risks

    Predict and minimize risk with business visibility and control that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Simplify IT

    Simplify IT

    Give everyone an easier way to work and simplify IT with integrated ERP applications that run on a single database

    Enhance Agility

    Enhance Agility

    Accurate production, better inventory management, and enhanced coordination enables on-time delivery & thus resulting in customer satisfaction.

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    A complete ERP software for production which manages the entire gamut of production and manufacturing processes.

    Transform Your Electronics Manufacturing with Autus Cyber Tech's Comprehensive ERP Solution

    The electronics manufacturing sector has proliferated rapidly as the demand for electronics has continued to grow over the last few decades and is still increasing. To meet this high market demand, electronics manufacturing companies need a three-sixty-degree solution to manage their business processes efficiently, boost production, improve manufacturing quality, ensure compliance, and reduce costs.

    Autus Cyber Tech, our team of tech experts, has developed one such ERP software that covers all your electronics manufacturing ERP needs. Our ERP manufacturers for electronics manufacturing businesses help you manage all business aspects, from human resource management to production control, inventory and logistics, regulatory compliance, and financial reporting.

    Using one ERP for Electronics, you can experience a well-established synchronization between all your business areas without depending upon multiple software for different aspects. However, if you want to use a few software for certain key areas, you can integrate them with our electronics manufacturing ERP software.

    Key Features of Proximo ERP for the Electronics Industry.

    Material Processing:

    • It allows you to keep track of all the material you purchase, including when it arrives, by whom it is delivered, specifications, and purpose – manage different batches for different workshops too.

    Product Manufacture Scheduling:

    • Set product manufacturing schedules while sitting in your corporate office and collaborate with your teams in real-time, enhancing teamwork and reducing production turnaround times.

    Master Production Management:

    • Keep a tap on each small detail regarding your production, such as the quantity of material used and required in future, post-production batches, transport to warehouse, etc.

    Order Management:

    • Manage both your B2C and B2B orders using one software having different dashboards for each; avoid production delays and speed up delivery with integrated modules.

    Quality Control and Assurance:

    • Set up quality check parameters and implement them to their respective product lines. It enables your production and quality assurance team to work seamlessly with each other to produce the best quality products.

    Human Resource Management:

    • We have made it easier to manage your workers and laborers with our electronics manufacturing erp . Manage employee information, process payroll, and prepare tax files using one platform.

    Supplier & Vendor Management:

    • Our electronics manufacturing ERP software makes it easy to manage all your distribution centres and relationships with suppliers and vendors. It helps you record each transaction and invoice, which you can also set for automatic processing.

    Customer Relationship Management:

    • With everyday updating data sets, your team can remain well-informed about the customer journey and can provide support related orders, returns, or their concerns efficiently.

    Finance and Accounting Management:

    • Integrate your accounting software with our ERP or we can add a module for your finance and accounting needs with several automation features and reporting tools.
    • Set your electronics business to reach new heights with our highly customizable and affordable ERP system for electronic manufacturing. We have been providing ERP software solutions across industries since 2006 and can deliver the best of our work to you, for the best of your business interest. To learn more or get a quote, contact us today.

    Why Choose Proximo


    Deep Industry Experience

    10+ years of industry experience providing deep industry expertise & solutions.


    Licence Free Implementation

    No Need to worry about adding an additional licence.


    Purpose Built

    100% industry focused solution for manufacturing.


    Cloud Based

    Access data anytime from Anywhere.


    Built for the Future

    Agile ERP thatl keeps pace with the rapidly changing business and ERP Requirements

    Why Choose Proximo

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    Proximo, a ERP brand of Autus is leading name in online ERP software. Incepted in 2007, Autus is a multinational organization with offices in the United States, Canada and India.

    Since Day One, we have served hundreds of clients across the globe, delivering the best web solutions, creative materials, ERP management system, lead generation solutions, and digital marketing techniques. Our dedication to quality further makes us the right choice as an IT Partner.

    What further makes Autus stand out is our team of 40 young, talented individuals. Collectively they bring decades of experience to the table, ensuring our clients nothing less than perfection. We also ensure durability and sustainability in each of our products, guaranteeing our clients value for money.

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