Production ERP Software

Robust Production ERP Solution For Small Manufacturing Businesses

As a small manufacturer trying to run the business smoothly. It’s never easy to take care of thousand different things simultaneously.

Even if you’ve systems and are good at manually managing operations and all work processes, you’re most likely to end up producing lower than your capacity, have long wait times for orders, suffer from poor quality issues, and get complaints from unhappy customers.

If this is not something you’d ever want for your business, we have good news for you! You can now switch to using production ERP software and achieve greater heights for your business!

Wondering what is production ERP solution, what are its advantages, whether or not it is good for you, and how can you make the best use of it for your small manufacturing business?

Worry not as we’re going to talk all about production ERP software here. Read till the very end to make an informed decision about investing in manufacturing ERP software for your business.

What is Production ERP Software?

Just imagine how amazing would it be to have a single system run your manufacturing business without any bottlenecks. No more using multiple different systems or running behind employees to get updates and check on progress.
This is exactly what production ERP software helps you do – run your manufacturing business in a seamless and efficient way by using just a single tool across departments and geographical locations.

In other words, a manufacturing or production ERP system is an ERP software program that helps you plan, manage, and deliver functionalities specific to manufacturing.

It is a type of ERP system that is designed exclusively for manufacturers to streamline their generic as well as manufacturing-specific business processes by using a single software.

The new-age production ERP systems have been designed to be robust yet flexible business management platforms for manufacturers.

The biggest benefit of using manufacturing ERP software is improved resource utilization without affecting the quality or quantity of the production. This ensures long-term sustained growth for your business.

Why Do Manufacturers Need ERP Software?

The best way to increase profits and witness growth for your small manufacturing business is to improve overall work efficiency.

By maintaining business data manually or using multiple systems for different work processes, you’ll never be able to see a spike in your operational efficiency and eventually your sales figures.

A magical way to get all work done in a seamless and time-efficient way is to use production ERP software.

It helps you manage the entire manufacturing enterprise, enhance organizational efficiency, optimally manage business resources without compromising on the quality of your products, and ensure a world-class customer experience.

What is the Difference Between Standard ERP Software and Production ERP Software?

If you’ve heard the terms ERP software and manufacturing ERP software, are you wondering whether these two are the same or different? If yes, we have got you covered here.

Manufacturing ERP software has similar benefits and features to the generic or standard ERP software but these two are not the same!
The standard ERP software is designed to fit all businesses. It is a generic software solution that has been built with the one-size-fits-all approach. It can be used by businesses of any type and from any industry.

As the standard ERP solutions are not focussed on just helping manufacturing businesses, they often lack some modules and features that are critical for production processes.

The limited capability of generic ERP systems can restrict how you store and fetch business data for your manufacturing business.
In most cases, if you’re a small manufacturing business and are using generic ERP software, you’ll either have to pay to get customization to the generic modules or have to invest in additional software solutions to meet your manufacturing-industry-specific needs.

This is exactly why production ERP systems were designed – to help manufacturing businesses overcome the limitations of standard ERP solutions without having to invest in multiple add-ons.

A production ERP software not only covers all core business processes but also has advanced modules to help the manufacturer oversee and manage all manufacturing processes as well.

Some of the additional modules of the production ERP system include supply chain management, inventory management, costing and tracking, job planning and scheduling, production management, and many others.

If you are a manufacturing business and desire to increase overall work efficiency, you must choose to invest in production ERP software instead of a standard ERP software solution.

What Are the Advantages of ERP For Manufacturing?

There are many benefits of deploying an ERP system for a manufacturing business. Setting up a production ERP system can feel like a major revamp with older systems being replaced by a single new one that sets up better practices throughout the company.

Let’s look at some of the best advantages of using manufacturing ERP software: 

Eliminate Fragmentation: 

Using different tools and systems from department to department leads to fragmentation. This continues to work for you as long as yours is a new business and you have a small team.

As your businesses grows and your company scales in the number of clients, employees, products, and overall revenue, it becomes difficult to manage with multiple software.

These department-specific tools are usually incompatible and can’t be used together in harmony. Replacing these numerous systems with a production ERP system is what helps eliminate fragmentation.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: 

When you set up production ERP software, you are able to streamline, optimize, and automate all the mundane and repetitive business tasks.

This helps your business accomplish more in less time. It also brings in better organization and the ability to control business processes along with back-office operations.

Not just this, businesses are also able to identify and rectify processes that hinder productivity and slow down production processes. Swift action can be taken to ensure greater efficiency.

Higher productivity in turn leads to better revenues and greater profits. Undoubtedly, these are the best returns for a manufacturing business.

Integrated Information: 

When you use one software for multiple business functions, you have access to all business data in one place.

All departments can access the same consistent and accurate data in real-time. This ensures better coordination between departments and faster execution of related business processes.

This is also highly advantageous for the generation of business reports that offer a better understanding of overall business growth and individual performance of different departments.

These detailed reports are available to stakeholders who can use it to take critical business decisions quickly and without any errors.

Complete Inventory Control: 

For the smooth and seamless functioning of a manufacturing business, there is nothing as important as inventory management.

When you install production ERP software, you can manage real-time and accurate stock movement internally as well as externally and this is a powerful functionality.

You can also create reports to identify your best-selling and under-marketable products to place new purchase orders accordingly.

Automate Work Order Management: 

Production ERP systems help you automate work orders with all details such as customer name, date and time of execution, sales order, sales contract, product quantity as well as the staff to whom this order is assigned.

Each order has a routing code which makes it easier for the staff to manage and monitor the route. They also get a checklist to ensure all tasks are completed in order to complete the work order. Can it ever get any easier than this?

Enhanced Product Quality: 

Once you set up a production ERP software, you get quick access and instant information about product defects and issues within the production line.

This makes it easiers for you to identify and remove problem areas which is the secret to improving the overall product quality.

Enhanced product quality helps you offer a better customer experience which in turn leads to an increase in business sales and profits. This is a win-win situation for your business growth. 

Respond to Market Conditions Better: 

With centralized data and real-time reporting from production ERP software, manufacturing businesses can easily and quickly estimate, plan, adjust, and respond to changing market conditions.

This is great as you are not only able to understand varied market trends but are also able to monetize them. You can act swiftly and capitalize on customer buying trends.

This also gives you a competitive edge as you are able to act faster than your competition and acquire customers for new trends.

Supply Chain Management: 

Manufacturers benefit the most from the Supply Chain Management module of production ERP. It helps ensure smooth operations and seamless order processing for timely delivery to the client.

It also helps manufacturing business owners to create efficient logistics strategies that further help in reducing operational as well as administrative costs.

Reduced Costs: 

As manual and repetitive tasks are automated through the production ERP system, the business is able to reduce its overall operational costs manifold.

Owing to increased productivity, businesses are also able to reduce labour expenses. Enhanced data precision further helps reduce the chances of losses.

Choosing to install manufacturing ERP software can be a stepping-stone in your business and lead to higher returns with improved work efficiency.

What is the Best Time to Invest in Production ERP Software?

Running your own manufacturing business involves managing and monitoring numerous different aspects such as procurement of raw materials, planning production processes, ensuring quality checks, taking care of packaging and shipment, and distribution.

To grow your manufacturing business, it is essential to manage and execute all these operations resourcefully and it isn’t feasible to do these manually. This is what gives rise to the need for comprehensive manufacturing ERP software.

The production ERP system is designed to help manufacturers overcome operational challenges. These systems are no longer a choice but have become more of a necessity in this modern era.

Although the sooner the better, if you notice that your existing processes and systems aren’t functioning efficiently or are limiting your growth and that data security is a growing concern, then it is a good time for you to considers deploying a production ERP software for your manufacturing business.

As a manufacturing business owner, it’s crucial for you to identify broken processes and find areas of improvement. If you are spending too much time on mundane business activities and yet have difficulty controlling business processes, it is a sign that it is time for you to upgrade to a production ERP system.

Most businesses realize this too late and start taking measures when they feel they are only caught up in operations and aren’t able to identify or act on new opportunities.

If you own a small manufacturing business and there is one thing that you want to do to ensure it continues to flourish in the times to come, it must be choosing to deploy a manufacturing or ERP system integration.

The best time to install a production ERP software was yesterday, and the next best time is today!

What Are Some Common Myths About Production ERP Software?

A large segment of manufacturers wrongly believe that production ERP solutions are very expensive to install and are meant for big businesses only.

In reality, manufacturing ERP systems are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and so you can choose based on your needs, budget, and future scope of growth.

There is also a misconception that production ERP systems are only meant to benefit managers and executives. However, the truth is that the advantages of production ERP software extend to all departments of the business.

Another very common myth is that production ERP installation is a long and tedious process. Although the time it takes for setup totally depends upon the size of your business, the timelines will considerably reduce with proper planning and strategic execution.

Deploying a production ERP software can be a transformative decision for your business; it’s best for you to make a timely decision and choose a reliable and trusted manufacturing ERP solution for greater results and long-term business growth.

What is the Best ERP Software For Production Planning?

When you are looking at the available production ERP solutions and trying to make a choice. Remember that this tool will be responsible for running your entire manufacturing business. That you are going to continue to use this tool for a long period of time.

Not just this, the deployment of a manufacturing ERP system requires some time and patience. So you’ll also have to take care of the overall change management.

Along with the new setup, your business will also be paying for additional costs for data entry, software updates, maintenance, and support but a wrong production ERP system can incur huge unforeseen expenses.

Thus, to truly benefit from the installation of a manufacturing ERP software and to give your customers a memorable experience of working with you. It is essential that you think through all the parameters and make a wise decision to choose the production ERP software. That matches your current needs and also gives you the ease of scalability in the future.

Why Choose Proximo Production ERP Software?

Your search for the best manufacturing ERP software ends with Proximo from Autus CyberTech. It is the leading production ERP system that is renown to be a robust solution for all small manufacturers.

Proximo has been designed to help you track inventory, manage production schedules, and ensure quality checks and assurance.

There are individual modules available for different areas of manufacturing.  Such as supply chain management, product lifecycle management, and manufacturing execution systems.

Not just the above-mentioned manufacturing processes. Proximo also assists with other business tasks such as finance and accounting, customer relationship management, and people management.

Proximo is a cloud-based production ERP software. This means that your business data is stored on a cloud server. You can access it from anywhere in the worlds by using an internet connection.

It is trusting by 100k+ happy customers as the one-stop online ERP software for all major business processes. Whether it is about managing inventory and scheduling the master production plan, or reducing security risks and downloading analytical reports, Proximo is highly efficient.

It is also the best production ERP software for day-to-day operational tasks and facilitation of supply chain management. It works beautifully to improve communication and collaboration across departments.

We have 15k+ reviews and have served clients from numerous different industries – apparel and garment manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, and even cosmetics and personal care manufacturers.

If you are a manufacturer and are looking to install a production ERP system. That not only meets your current needs but also gives you scalability and flexibility. To keep up with your business growth in the future. Proximo is your best bet.

Feel free to reach out to us for a free demo and don’t forget to ask us for a trial. Get in touch now, we’d be happy to help you with a customized quote.