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Proximo ERP – The Powerful Steel ERP Software to Automate & Streamline Business Operations in a Single Place.

#1 ERP Software For Steel Manufacturing Industry

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    • All-In-One Management Software
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    Streamline Your Steel Manufacturing Process

    Increased Productivity

    Increased Productivity

    Automate and optimize your core business processes, helping everyone in your organization accomplish more.

    Operation Visibility

    Operation Visibility

    Get answers to critical business questions with operational visibility from a single system of record.

    Real Time Reporting

    Real Time Reporting

    Act on insights, improve performance and share results with real-time business and financial reporting.

    Reduce Risks

    Reduce Risks

    Predict and minimize risk with business visibility and control that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Simplify IT

    Simplify IT

    Give everyone an easier way to work and simplify IT with integrated ERP applications that run on a single database

    Enhance Agility

    Enhance Agility

    Accurate production, better inventory management, and enhanced coordin- ation enables on-time delivery & thus resulting in customer satisfaction.

    Proximo ERP for Steel Manufacturing: Advantage for Unmatched Efficiency and Growth

    Steel manufacturing, like any other manufacturing, aims for economic profits. Each step is crucial in reaching a new level for exponential growth. If well-managed, each action in every department contributes to multiplying your profits.

    Proximo ERP by Autus CyberTech is an excellent ERP with the latest technology for management that has become a requirement in an industrial setup as management systems continue to evolve.

    Why is Proximo ERP Crucial For Steel Manufacturing?

    Proximo ERP is a versatile ERP for steel manufacturing for assembly line production, division of work, inventory management, stock management, logistics, and supply chain management at an affordable price.

    Autus CyberTech’s steel manufacturing ERP software is a dependable, sustainable, durable, and productive with the latest set of technology like Cloud Computing, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS); and is an effective new formula in the management of steel industry across all arranged levels of work.

    As a significant managerial technology, Proximo ERP by Autus CyberTech is a perfect steel manufacturing ERP software and has a sturdy infrastructure with a robust approach to producing detailed reports covering every aspect and every managerial domain of the steel manufacturing industry. These reports enhance decision-making to make crucial conclusive judgments that are necessary for business economies to climb new heights and procure unlimited economic profits without human intervention through a process of top-grade ERP integration at an affordable price.

    Guarantees Maximum Productivity and Efficiency

    Proximo ERP by Autus CyberTech for automation multiplies the efficiency at a quick speed in the steel manufacturing industry by providing the necessary tools to boost the company’s performance in a short time.

    Proximo ERP undoubtedly enables control over the production process cycle and keeps track of every manufacturing process.

    Therefore, it ensures vigilance over the entire production process and brings transparency and accountability to businesses.

    Helps in Building Brands and Brings an Upward Slope in Sales

    Proximo ERP, as an ERP for steel manufacturing industry, improves customer service and creates a consciousness among customers about the credibility of your steel manufacturing which drastically brings a hike in sales.

    Cuts Down Extra Expenditure For More Savings

    Proximo ERP is an integral online ERP software that is in consonance with your economic goals, reducing financial overruns and inventory costs to expand the cash cushion as savings.

    Does Not Require a Formal Procedure For Operation

    It has the most friendly User Interface to allow human interaction with software without any training for application.

    Brings Smooth Conduct in Supply Chain Management

    Proximo ERP holds a deluge of accurate information which is measurable to balance the production unit with the order unit, which remains in contact with the logistics and supply chain.

    It multiplies the efficiency at breakneck speed in a steel manufacturing industry by providing necessary tools to boost the performance of the company in a short passage of time.

    New Technologies Permit Data-based Operation

    Proximo ERP  as an innovative, amalgamating technology, binds together several management systems to contain, organize, tap, share and consolidate information.

    This information has the potential to provide insights for gaining new profits as technology generates authentic, reliable, qualitative reports.

    Proximo ERP by Autus CyberTech is Endowed With a Sustainable ERP Integration

    Such integration occurs without human error and is precise and accurate to provide the complete image of the entire activities taking place in the inventory of the steel industry, allowing steel companies several benefits at a fair price.

    As an ERP system, the software allows integration with various approaches, such as horizontal and vertical integration. Horizontal integration expands the horizons of your business and attracts new potential customers.

    Performs Several Kinds of ERP Integration

    Available at fair and reasonable prices, as an ERP for steel manufacturing, it is a conduit for various methods of ERP system integration such as:

    Point-to-point integration

    API integration

    Hub-and-spoke integration, and several other integration procedures.

    Bears the Quality of Multi-location Access

    Proximo ERP, as ERP for steel manufacturing, is available with public and private clouds at any point, any longitude and latitude of the globe.

    Enhances Communication and Coordination Among Departments

    As a high-standard steel manufacturing ERP software, it allows the allocation of the workforce in different departments to bring smooth coordination in an organization instantaneously.

    Proximo ERP is an easy-to-customize ERP software for steel manufacturing industry by a team of developers to reduce risks in the best performance of the business, freeing up a large amount of time for businesses to develop their core skills and customer service with timely and accurate information.

    Proximo ERP, in a nutshell, stands as a reliable online ERP system that works at the foundational level to the top level so that the steel industry can achieve efficiency and productivity.

    Why Choose Proximo


    Deep Industry Experience

    10+ years of industry experience providing deep industry expertise & solutions.


    Licence Free Implementation

    No Need to worry about adding an additional licence.


    Purpose Built

    100% industry focused solution for manufacturing.


    Cloud Based

    Access data anytime from Anywhere.


    Built for the Future

    Agile ERP thatl keeps pace with the rapidly changing business and ERP Requirements

    Frequently Asked Quetions

    A steel ERP perform wide functions for enhancing management in the business operations using data from several operations such as Finance, Sales, Human Resource Management, Customer-Relationship Management, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management efficiently to bring transparency, accountability, coordination among all of these management areas so that they work to boost the profits and gross margins of a business. Autus Cyber Tech manufacturing Proximo -ERP work for all kinds of business applications through Proximo-ERP, which is a software system built carefully by ERP software developers who ensure maximum productive outcomes at a faster speed. In the steel manufacturing industry, Proximo-ERP works efficiently from inventory management to supply chain management and subsequent profits earned from manufactured goods through metal fabrication. Proximo-ERP uses the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), and Cloud Computing to store data in the form of data and prevent loss of data which helps businesses to derive strategies that help them achieve targets in real-time known as – ERP integration. Proximo -ERP generates these reports in real-time and works as a real-time reporting system at breakneck speed. Moreover, it also provides access facilities for authentic users from anywhere. Autus Cyber-Tech’s Proximo-ERP is the resource key you ever need to transform your business at high speed.

    A steel manufacturing company where production takes place at a large scale requires Proximo-ERP by Autus CyberTech for the exponential growth of a business. Proximo-ERP works efficiently to enhance business operations. Proximo-ERP can easily carry out manufacturing in an assembly line for the production, delivery, and dispatch of manufactured products from the warehouse to the customer at a faster speed. Also, Autus Cyber-Tech manufacturing Proximo -ERP is applicable for all kinds of businesses with the customization and regular upgrades for boosting sales and high gross margins from the sold product. Proximo-ERP works efficiently for carrying out all kinds of ERP integrations, which provides a bird’s eye view of the health of the entire business operations to guarantee your success. Therefore Proximo ERP by Autus Cyber-Tech can bring transformations in your business. A data and purpose-driven system are instrumental in fuelling your business to run in the long run. Proximo-ERP works for well being of your business. Autus Cyber-Tech manufacturing for the steel industry has brilliant features in contrast with other ineffective ERPs in the market that have low productivity, high ERP ensures, and fail in guiding you towards success. 1. Proximo-ERP by Autus Cyber-Tech works as a lighthouse to guide you to adopt a new strategy or fix the existing strategy that will guarantee success. 2. Proximo-ERP has multi location access with data security for implementation only by authentic users with passwords. 3. Proximo-ERP has wide applications in various management spheres with customizations and deployment in other managerial areas such as – a) Finance b) Sales c) Customer-Relationship Management d) Human Resource Management for employee hiring and other purposes. e) Logistics, Inventory, and Supply Chain management. 4. It works on all kinds of Operating Systems and provides a User-Friendly experience, and has high vendor rates to bring transparency, coordination, and accountability in the entire functioning of the business.

    A steel ERP software specifically, Proximo-ERP by Autus Cyber-Tech, works to facilitate an overall picture of your business for engaging in a critical decision for creating strategies through compilation (Integration ) of data that ultimately work to boost profits in your business economics at an accelerating speed. Autus Cyber-Tech manufacturing Proximo-ERP is the ideal and pocket-friendly ERP built with modern technologies such as Integration Platforms that connect inventory, supply chain, and customer-relationship management. Proximo -ERP allows storing this data in a central database for further processing of data without any data leakage. In addition to it, Proximo-ERP has no ERP issues to bring coordination among the various departments in steel manufacturing. The amount of raw materials, the number of products manufactured, and the supply of a number of items from the supply chain are easy to handle during Moreover, Autus Cyber-Tech manufacturing ERP for the steel manufacturing industry is built by professional ERP developers and troubleshooters by focusing on the principles of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Artificial Intelligence, Data analytical tools, and various algorithm-based tools that allow optimization of data. Proximo-ERP by Autus Cyber-Tech has qualities that frame it as suitable for all kinds of businesses, because of several factors such as – Upgradations and Customizations to support all kinds of Integrations, such as – Point-to-Point Integration. Hub and Spoke Integration. Horizontal and Vertical Integration. API integration. Multiple Location Access and planning for managing each department. License -Free implementation. Easy deployment to work on all kinds of Operating Systems. Real-time reporting system and supply chain visibility. At Autus Digital Agency, we work for manufacturing Proximo -ERP, the business solution you have ever been looking for to transform your business.

    ERP is extremely beneficial for manufacturing businesses to generate revenues with profit and solution-oriented strategies with ERP integration reports which provide a 360-degree view of your business to control and manage production in the inventory and delivery of the deliverables from the supply chain management. Autus Cyber-Tech manufacturing Proximo -ERP to gear manufacturing business aim for spiking profits that go through the roof enables coordination among various departments in the industry. Autus Cyber-Tech manufacturing Proximo ERP is a resource with a real-time reporting system for manufacturing businesses looking to lay a strong foundation for their business and nurture their brand management with systematic and data-based analysis. Proximo -ERP has some prominent and unique features- Easy customizations and upgrades with multiple location access. Strong and sturdy infrastructure for all kinds of ERP integrations. High Data security with the use of the latest technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Integration platforms for storing and processing large data. Proximo-ERP integration for achieving a boom in business economics. Smart IT technology and multiple location access with genuine users with passwords. Easy deployment to work on all kinds of Operating Systems. As businesses accelerate manufacturing ERP software modules, they are built with precise accuracy, utmost care, and efficiency functionality to bring smoothness from production to packaging and final supply through hands-on experience and professional ERP software developers. Reach us for more details by clicking on the contact tab.

    Steel manufacturing industries need reliable Proximo ERP for steel manufacturing. Autus Cyber-Tech manufacturing Proximo ERP software ensures smooth management at the level of production in the inventory to the package and delivery of deliverables from the warehouse. Proximo-ERP works by using the latest technologies -Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Integration technologies to store data from various management circles and compile them for strategy as a solution for boosting the performance of your business – The report from each of these modules/management spheres supports control over the product’s production cycle, production of a number of goods, and their dispatch from the supply chain with supply chain visibility- The master production process. Proximo -ERP by Autus Cyber-Tech has multiple location access with a user-friendly interface for application by authentic users with passwords, end -to -end encryptions to prevent leakage of data. It works on all operating systems with easy customizations with upgrades such as On-Premise ERP and cloud-based ERPs that support all kinds of integrations depending upon the needs of the client. Some of the ERP integration it supports include Point-to-Point Integration Hub and Spoke Integration Horizontal and Vertical Integration Proximo -ERP by Autus Cyber-Tech is easy to deploy with any operating system and license-free implementation. Some of the benefits of the guaranteed benefits we provide include the following- Extra savings with low financial losses. Less time-consuming technology working at a faster speed. Consistent and beneficial outcomes with forecasting ability to achieve targets Real-time visibility for Supply chain management. Autus Cyber-Tech manufacturing Proximo-ERP is a partner in the success at fair prices. Click on the Contact tab.

    Autus Cyber-Tech offers the best ERP for steel manufacturing companies. Proximo ERP has numerous vantage points as a purpose-driven solution system for maximum exponential growth. Proximo -ERP works on purpose-driven technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing technology, and Information Integration through ERP for decision-making using data for 1. Easy to tailor customizations, Upgradability, and Smart IT tools for generating verifiable reports that enable smooth business operations in 2. Controlling Product’s Production Cycle and Smooth functioning of Supply Chain Management. 3. Strong and secure data protection for authentic users with passwords. 4. Multiple Location access. 5. Easy Deployment. 6. Compatible with other management software. 7. Applicable on all kinds of Operating Systems Outcomes of using Proximo ERP software for the steel manufacturing industry Cut down on expenditures of the business. Error-free machine application. Time Saving Technology Excellent results with no formal training. Highly detailed picture of your business To know more about Proximo ERP or in case you have additional inquiries, then please click on the Contact Tab.

    Proximo -ERP by Autus CyberTech offers the best and licensee-free ERP implementation for steel manufacturing industries with a purpose-driven approach for industrial applications. Proximo -ERP specializes in improving management in manufacturing processes to deliver steel goods to consumers and wholesalers. Autus Cyber-Tech manufacturing ERP for metal fabrication is effective and productive, with greater revenues. Some of the central reasons why you should invest your time and money in Proximo-ERP are below- Smooth flow of work management from Inventory Management to Delivery of products through Supply Chain Management. · Proximo ERP, a business-friendly ERP for steel manufacturing industries, is an inbuilt structure consisting of present-day evolving technology – Artificial Intelligence Cloud Computing, and Integration platforms which makes it a data holding reservoir for a number of business operations. 1. Financial Ledgers 2. Human Resource Management.’ 3. Marketing 4. Pipelining Sales for managing production 5. Logistics 6. Supply Chain Management · Data from each of these business operations streamlines into a central database which is also applicable for generating automated and precision reports by employing Proximo-ERP by Autus Cyber-Tech. · Once you evaluate a 360-degree view of your business, you can strategize methods and pro tips for smartly hiking up the growth. · Proximo-ERP is a guiding keystone to fall back on for critical judgments based on data analytics for smartly manipulating the production process cycle known as – The master Production Process. · A single change in the execution of carefully crafted strategy at the production level produces impactful outcomes; Proximo-ERP by Autus Cyber Tech is a multiple planning software. Proximo ERP generating reports (ERP integration by picking up data from several managerial spheres) is a productive tool with additional by-products such as – § Minimizing financial overruns, § time-saving technology from the stage of processing of raw materials to supply chain visibility. Salient features of Proximo-ERP to supercharge your business. · Additionally, Autus Cyber-Tech manufactures ERP software modules with strong infrastructure have a few more multiple dimensions, which are: 1. Customizable and upgradable for all kinds of ERP Integrations with multiple location access. 2. Works easily with management systems. 3. Easy Deployment. 4. High User Interface for interaction. 5. Data Security. Autus Cyber-Tech manufacturing Proximo -ERP is the solution focusing software on saving nine and a stitch in time to market your brand with technology intelligent systems producing strategies for commercial strategizes. To get more information or any inquiry, please click on the Contact tab.

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