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    Streamline Your Footwear Manufacturing Process

    Increased Productivity

    Increased Productivity

    Automate and optimize your core business processes, helping everyone in your organization accomplish more.

    Operation Visibility

    Operation Visibility

    Get answers to critical business questions with operational visibility from a single system of record.

    Real Time Reporting

    Real Time Reporting

    Act on insights, improve performance and share results with real-time business and financial reporting.

    Reduce Risks

    Reduce Risks

    Predict and minimize risk with business visibility and control that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Simplify IT

    Simplify IT

    Give everyone an easier way to work and simplify IT with integrated ERP applications that run on a single database

    Enhance Agility

    Enhance Agility

    Accurate production, better inventory management, and enhanced coordin- ation enables on-time delivery & thus resulting in customer satisfaction.

    Autus Cyber Tech's Proximo ERP for Footwear Industry for Seamless Business Operations and Growth

    The footwear industry has always been experiencing massive growth around the world. As the population is increasing, the demand for footwear products is growing along. However, with new companies entering the industry, a lot of footwear production companies have been facing multiple challenges, especially with the growing competition. At Autus Cyber Tech, we have brought comprehensive ERP software for the footwear industry that helps footwear manufacturing companies tackle all business challenges and take their business towards new heights.

    Many have frequently talked about the challenges they face in some key business areas such as job work management, designing efficiency, production turn-around time, and some others. Autus Cyber Tech has done a deep evaluation of all the processes to find the roots of all challenges, and that’s how we prepared one of the best footwear ERP software. We focus on innovation and aim to help you manage your business processes more efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Top Features of Our ERP Software for Footwear Industry:

    Product Design Management

    Invite designers and decision makers to coordinate, share feedback, and take appropriate actions in real-time, resulting in faster designing and finalization.

    Production Planning and Control

    Production planning can take days and sometimes weeks. Our footwear ERP software acts as a medium for your planning team to work together and get the work done faster. You get better control over production, as you can see from the entire plan being developed from initiation to implementation.

    Warehouse Management

    Warehouse management is one of the most challenging aspects of any footwear production firm. Our ERP for Footwear has been built to pay extra attention to this specific area, helping you track each item produced and stored in your warehouse.

    Order Management

    Now you can stay updated about the latest orders and fulfill them on time by establishing a well-knit sync between the manufacturing unit and sales department.

    Supply Chain Management

    Generate barcodes and serial numbers for batches on the go to speed up packaging and shipping and automatically update all relevant data in the ERP, leading to excellent supply chain management.

    Human Resource Management

    Allocate tasks and review employee attendance, manage recruitment, training, and payroll using one platform. Our ERP can also be easily integrated with your employee work-time management footwear ERP software.

    Order Returns Management

    Get the actual status of your shipment against orders, know actual reasons behind returns, analyze structural data, and determine where the shortages are and where the improvement is required.

    Customer Relationship Management

    You can set automated notifications for customers, manage customer data, improve customer communication, and speed up query resolution.

    Accounting and Reporting

    With our ERP for footwear industry, you get to leverage top-notch accessibility and transparency into your finances and accounting, which further helps ensure on-time financial reporting.

    Quality Assurance

    Enhance your quality check process with pre-defined specifications, fast checking procedures, and integrated functionality with our footwear ERP software.

    Autus Cyber Tech, one of the ERP software companies in India, has been creating SaaS ERP for footwear manufacturing businesses since 2006. We have the right knowledge of your industry, which we use in addition to our innovative skills to create result-focused ERP software solutions for your company. To get a quote, contact us today.

    Why Choose Proximo ERP Solution


    Deep Industry Experience

    10+ years of industry experience providing deep industry expertise & solutions.


    Licence Free Implementation

    No Need to worry about adding an additional licence.


    Purpose Built

    100% industry focused solution for manufacturing.


    Cloud Based

    Access data anytime from Anywhere.


    Built for the Future

    Agile ERP thatl keeps pace with the rapidly changing business and ERP Requirements

    Frequently Asked Quetions

    Footwear manufacturing ERP systems are a special type of ERP systems that are designed exclusively for footwear manufacturers to automate and streamline their business processes to be able to achieve greater business success. Footwear manufacturing ERP systems help solve several business problems for footwear manufacturers in the area of procurement, inventory management, order processing, daily operations, sales, accounting, and many more. ERP for footwear manufacturers act as their information hub and help deliver real time information to take crucial business decisions for manufacturing and distribution. This helps them stay ahead of their competition and acquire a larger market share.

    Just like any other manufacturing industry, there are a few common challenges faced by a large number of footwear manufacturers across the world. There is a consistent need to operate at lower costs and offer better-value products. These challenges are often accompanied by frequent changes to compliance requirements and taxation regulations. Due to the lack of a robust system to manage operations, most footwear manufacturers also find it problematic to operate multiple warehouses and stores. It is difficult to minimize the logistic costs and maximize stock usage to get a higher ROI. To ensure an efficient delivery process, there is also a requirement of smoothly managing the production line which is a tedious task to do in the absence of a reliable system. To overcome these and many other challenges, it is best for footwear manufacturers to consider shifting to footwear ERP software and boost their overall productivity to drive exponential business growth.

    If you feel overwhelmed as a footwear manufacturer and are finding it difficult to use an array of different tools and applications to run your business smoothly, it is time for you to consider switching to footwear ERP software. The size of your business doesn’t matter here, it is also regardless of what type of shoes you manufacture. If you are looking for a comprehensive tool that will help you streamline your operations and enhance work productivity, you can definitely consider setting up ERP for footwear manufacturers. It can initially feel like a huge task and an unnecessary business expense but once the deployment is complete, you’ll no longer have to worry about managing the manufacturing processes, undertaking quality control activities, or managing orders and distribution to different places. You can sit back and relax to let the ERP software for footwear manufacturers do its job. Your business will begin to enjoy greater productivity and increased profits with enhanced customer experience.

    If you are a footwear manufacturer and are looking for ways to improve your overall business productivity and lower your operational costs, you must definitely consider installing footwear ERP software. There are numerous benefits to using ERP for footwear manufacturing businesses : Accurate planning for procurement of raw materials for manufacturing Enhanced inventory management and reduced wastage Faster and efficient order processing Ability to compare projected and actual project costs Access to numerous reports for important business decision Increased customer satisfaction Calculating profits and planning for discounts to increase sales Manage accounts and taxes efficiently without ambiguity These are just a few of the many benefits of deploying a footwear manufacturing ERP. Once you set up ERP for your footwear manufacturing business, there is reduced manual work, more accuracy with data, and increased overall work efficiency.

    There are numerous footwear manufacturing ERP systems available in the market today. Before you even consider using any one of these, you must get clarity on your requirements and business goals. Doing quick market research is a good step to get started. You can check the available options and speak to footwear ERP software vendors and compare the features and pricing of the available ERP solutions. Based on your budget and requirements, you can choose between on-premise ERP solutions, cloud-based ERP software, and a hybrid footwear ERP system. At the time of making a choice, remember to choose a software that not only feels like a good fit but is also flexible and scalable to the needs of your growing footwear manufacturing business. It is always beneficial to ensure data accuracy across business departments and ease of report creation through ERP software. The security of business data is also a crucial deciding factor.

    Proximo by Autus CyberTech is a robust manufacturing ERP solution for footwear manufacturers. Renowned for its extensive features, it is a comprehensive tool to enhance your business productivity and increase its ROI. We have served 100k+ customers, have 20k+ positive reviews for our ERP solution, and offer unmatched customer support for upgrades and maintenance. We have worked with renowned brands from the footwear industry and they are highly satisfied with our product, its flexibility, and scalability. We invite you to get in touch with us to get a customized quotation for footwear ERP software. Write to us now!

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