Can ERP be used for small businesses?

April 29, 2022 Can ERP be used for small businesses? By admin

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP for Small Business systems is software that manages a company’s finance, reports, manufacturing, operations, sales, and human resource activities. For any business, it is an investment that comes with many benefits. Running a business can be a challenging task, especially if you have just started. Multiple operations need to be catered to all at the same time. 

The tasks include accounting and management, and for a small business in a growing stage, it can be difficult for employees to conduct everything together. In addition, When an ERP system can be your business’s savior. Along with enthusiasm, it is a necessity to take the right steps towards growing your business on a larger scale. 

Whether it is a small business or a multinational company, all companies should have an ERP system to achieve their goals in the longer run. online ERP software can help manage operations, marketing, sales, strategy, finances, and many other tasks. 

To get your hands on efficient software, it is essential to opt for the right customized software. It is always preferable to take suggestions from ERP Software Providers to identify and modify the necessities for your business and inculcate them into the system.

ERP software can cut down your major cost on human resources and automate all the operations. However, A few more benefits of how your small business should have ERP Software can be listed as follows:

  • Improves efficiencies
  • Enhances performance KPIs
  • Supports growth of the business
  • Gives advantages in terms of competition
  • Saves costs of human resources

An ERP software gives a solution to a suite of modules that operate at one place in the entire system. It contains all the information that cannot be accessed by any third-party users. ERP software is accounts and finance-oriented, supply chain and sales-oriented, as well as project management-oriented. It depends mostly on what kind of operation management your business requires the most. The other functionalities include marketing, e-commerce, and inventory too. Your small business might or might not require all the services that the ERP system provides.

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Solve Many ERP for Small Business

Yet, it can solve many small businesses’ basic issues like – 

  • The manual process can be eradicated.
  • Business data is visible clearly.
  • Different systems can become a barrier to a streamlined process.
  • Reporting and Analytics

Some platforms perform well for larger businesses, while some work the best for smaller businesses. This is when you should opt to take recommendations from ERP service providers. Research is key. Then, You should study what kind of ERP system shall fit the requirements of your small business.

Installing a New ERP System can be an overwhelming experience, but it is worth the investment that you are making. All your work will have a proper flow, and it can also be optimized based on your company size. It is a scalable system with many functionalities for the betterment of your small business. 

The most important aspect while investing in any ERP System is the cost. Small businesses usually do not have much funding, and certain ERP systems can cost you an arm. But, you can cut short on the cost by restricting the number of functionalities your ERP System shall perform. Statistics show that ERP software can reduce the cost of operations by 20%, while the other area of cost includes inventory. Such small businesses with ERP Software achieve 100% ROI in an average of 27 months. Cloud ERP software is a monthly subscription. 

Type of ERP Software

Before opting for any ERP Software, you should always keep certain aspects in mind that will fit your organization. Following are the key points that should be considered before selecting the type of ERP Software you’ll be investing in.

  • The functionality of your organization
  • Industry Experience of the software provider
  • Pricing
  • Vendor Availability
  • Project Implementation and its considerations
  • Risks
  • Scalability
  • References
  • Training Plans

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If you are still unsure about what to install for your business. Then, it is preferable to consult someone before getting your hands on it. You can conduct a business technology assessment, where a team will evaluate your business goals and existing technology used by the organization. 

Once you have a clearer idea of how to take this process further, you will have to opt for an in-house team that can seamlessly deliver a project. Then, You will have to also choose an implementation partner who will focus on the operational management of the ERP System. It is an essential business project that will affect your company as a whole. 

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