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April 6, 2023 ERP System Software | Enterprise resource planning By admin

Do you need ERP System Software?

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Management solution, is a software tool that is getting increasingly popular with every passing day.

Earlier, it was believed to be a software program for large businesses or multi-national companies only. But now, in the last decade or so, it has gained immense popularity also amongst small and medium businesses.

ERP system software is designed to help businesses streamline their work processes and automate repetitive tasks so that the employees can focus fully on creative and needle-moving tasks.

ERP solution, when implemented right, is known to help organizations increase their work efficiency without any increase in operational costs. This enables businesses to save in the long run and get round-the-clock support for business development and growth.

It also enables teams from different departments and projects working on common business goals to collaborate and co-work as and when needed.

The real-time data availability and implementation of work automation ensure reduced human errors and increased accuracy. This also helps stakeholders to take critical business decisions for business growth.

Keeping all these numerous advantages and benefits of ERP system software in mind, it would not be an exaggeration to say that all businesses can benefit from an ERP implementation.

Regardless of your business size, team size, work location, and industry, your business operations can be streamlined, and you can be highly benefitted from an ERP tool setup.

In this blog, we’ll first understand the top ERP modules and then look at the implementation of ERP system software for some common industries to give you an idea of how your small business can experience a growth curve with ERP implementation.

Don’t forget to read till the end, as we also answer some frequently asked questions that can help you take an informed decision for the implementation of the ERP system setup. Happy Reading!

Top Modules of ERP System Software

ERP tool is a software suite that is made up of multiple small modules. Each module or component is designed to solve one problem area for businesses.

All these modules share real-time data stored in the database and work together seamlessly to help an organization manage its daily operations and run important business processes seamlessly.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the top must-have ERP system software modules :

  1. Supply Chain Management Module – This module helps track the movement and location of all business supplies.With the help of this ERP module, you can track the movement of products from sub-suppliers to suppliers to manufacturers to distributors to retailers to end customers.Even in this long supply chain, with the help of an ERP system software tool, you’ll always know where your products are and how long it will take for them to reach the desired location.
  2. Inventory Management – If you are a manufacturing business owner, you’ll agree that managing all live SKUs and keeping track of the item quantities along with their warehouse location without the use of a software tool can be a nightmare.ERP software helps segregate this data and keep it in one central place for all teams to use it for their reference. This makes it easier for you to accept and fulfill retail as well as bulk orders.
  3. Order Management – This ERP system software module helps track all orders from their receipt to delivery. As soon as a customer places an order, the ERP tool automatically feeds the order details to the closest location from where it can be fulfilled. This can be the location of a warehouse, distributor, or retailer.This helps the customer get their orders delivered quickly. It also enables the business owner to track the exact parcel location and prevent the loss or misplacement of the parcel. Not only does this keep the customers happy but also helps reduce unnecessary business losses.
  4. HR and People Management – Employees are the backbone of any business. This module of ERP acts like a workforce management tool and enables businesses to keep a track of crucial employee data such as employee performance reviews, offer letters, job descriptions, sick days, leaves, projects, etc.This component can also track employee attendance and productivity. If desired, this module be programmed to distribute paychecks after tax deduction and also handle expense reimbursement.
  5. Finance Management and Accounting Module – One of the most important modules inside ERP system software, this not only helps businesses to understand their current financial state but also predict future numbers with the help of past data.This module helps keep track of all important financial documents such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, payment receipts, sale invoices, and also tax statements.
  6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module – This module of ERP system software is designed to store all data related to business clients and potential customers. There are all historical data about customer interaction, order history, support tickets, and total sales figures.This allows anyone authorized to access all information as and when needed and give the best after-sale service and support to the customers. This is also a way for businesses to boost their sales by cross-selling and up-selling products based on customer purchase history.

Other than these modules, there are a few other ERP components that are getting fairly popular – eCommerce module, marketing automation module, and manufacturing module.

There are many ERP system software examples available from different ERP system software company vendors. Most of them have all the above-mentioned modules and a few of these also have a free trial offer for ERP system software demo. For free trials, you will get the option for an ERP system software download.

You can try the free ERP solutions but remember to choose the ones that have all the modules and components that you are looking for. Pick the ERP system software that is a good fit for your business requirements and budget.

The ERP system software cost is different from vendor to vendor. ERP system software price in India also varies depending upon your exact business needs, customizations required, and the number of users in your company. It is best to take a customized quote for ERP system software for your business.

ERP System Software for Manufacturing Industry

If you are a manufacturer and are tired of managing everything manually or by using individual software tools, it’s time you consider upgrading to an ERP tool.

Implementation of ERP for the manufacturing industry helps manage multiple processes such as procurement of raw materials, production planning, quality checks, and shipments for distribution from one central place.

Other than the modules mentioned above, special ERP tools that are designed or customized for manufacturers come with a few additional modules that help them improve their overall work efficiency.

These modules include Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that offer additional support to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs for manufacturers.

The ERP system software for manufacturers is designed to act as a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of a manufacturing business.

Since manufacturing industries form the backbone of any country, using ERP tools to aid manufacturers has a huge impact on the overall economy. This is a win-win situation.

If you are a manufacturer looking for ways to streamline your work processes, read till the very end of this blog as we have a special recommendation for an ERP tool that is tried and tested by manufacturers from around the globe.

ERP System Software for Footwear Industry

Just like any other manufacturing business, footwear manufacturers also need a one-stop solution to manage their business processes from procurement of raw materials to order fulfilment and delivery along with other business needs such as finance management, CRM, and people management.

However, the footwear industry is a special category of business within the manufacturing industry. This is primarily because the inventory management for footwear is segregated by sizes, styles, colour, fabric, and fit, and this is a little different than for other manufacturers.

If you are a footwear industry business owner, choosing footwear manufacturing industry-specific ERP system software will bring added advantage in the form of ease of business management.

You will also be able to use this tool to reduce wastage, calculate profit margins, compare projected and actual business costs, and make plans for business growth.

ERP tool can help you with reports to optimize order processing to ensure customer satisfaction. It will also enable you to manage sale and expense receipts to calculate and pay taxes.

As a footwear manufacturer, if it interests you to invest in a software tool that will act as the single source of truth, hold all business data safe, and help with critical business decision-making, ERP software is all that you need.

ERP System Software for Construction Industry

As a construction industry business owner, you not only have to take care of accounting, employee hiring, and managing the workforce on the field but you also have to deal with sub-contractors, make raw materials available at different stages of the construction process, and also finish projects on or before promised timelines.

All these tasks are highly dependent on people and each other and there is no way to achieve business efficiency if you try to do all this manually or by using multiple different tools for different work processes.

This is where ERP system software can help you optimize your work processes for maximum efficiency and save you tons of time, effort, and business expenses.

If you are a part of the construction industry as a real estate developer, architect, designer, or developer firm, you can highly benefit from the implementation of the ERP tool.

These days with the availability of cloud-based ERP tools, you can even manage your business from your smartphone that has an active internet connection. You don’t really have to have a laptop or system, you can be at the construction site and manage your business like a pro!

ERP System Software for Pharmaceutical Companies

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry is a booming sector around the World but new regulations are being announced now and then.

These frequent changes make it extremely difficult for pharmaceutical manufacturers to work efficiently as they are always worried about incorporating these new changes into their work processes.

This is exactly where the ERP system software tool comes in as a saviour! The ERP tool not only helps pharmaceutical industry business owners manage their day-to-day operations but also enables them to keep up with all new developments in regulations and medical practices in their country of operations.

ERP system software for the pharmaceutical industry also helps businesses reduce drug manufacturing costs, manage batch production and distribution, ease inventory management, help execute growth plans and help the business to function smoothly without human errors and delays.

As a pharmaceutical business owner, if you want to stay afloat and also beat the competition, it is no more a choice but a necessity for you to implement ERP and make the best use of it for your company.

ERP Software System for Healthcare Business Management

The healthcare industry has witnessed huge advancements in the last few decades and has undergone a massive digital transformation.

Because there are numerous processes for patient management, healthcare service offering, and critical care units, there is definitely a huge need for ERP tools for healthcare organizations such as hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, and private doctors to function smoothly.

ERP system software for the healthcare sector is designed to ensure quality care to patients while also reducing the cost of healthcare services.

ERP for the healthcare industry has special modules such as patient treatment management, hospital ward management, nurse management, medical device management, electric medical record management, and patient communication management.

Running a healthcare organization without having a single system to manage these multiple processes can be overwhelming and inefficient. ERP system software brings all these critical processes to one place and helps you operate seamlessly.

ERP System Software for Your Small Business

A few years back, ERP system software price in India was considerably high, and not every small business could benefit from it. Today, with numerous technological advancements and the availability of cloud-based ERP tools, ERP setup is not only very affordable but also very convenient.

As a small business, if you are considering implementing ERP, you can first opt for an ERP system software demo and see if you are happy with how it works and are able to see yourself improving your work efficiency by adopting it for your business.

There are many ERP system software companies that offer complete solutions and help you not just with the ERP tool but also help you with data migration and change management. You can also ask them for additional training assistance for your employees.

You can check some ERP system software examples or try out some ERP system software downloads and then prepare your budget and make time to undergo the transition.

It might look like a huge task, but once the setup is complete, you’ll start seeing a spike in your operational efficiency with enhanced workflows and advanced business processes.

As a small business, the ERP system software implementation will also help you with real-time reports for all aspects of your business and also help predict future sales and growth opportunities.

If implemented mindfully, an ERP setup can turn out to be your best business investment that will continue to give you lifelong returns in terms of work efficiency, reduced operational costs, and the highest customer satisfaction rates.

This is also your key to growing your business amidst all the competition and fluctuating markets.


1. What is ERP System Software Price in India?

The cost of setting up and running the ERP solution depends upon a lot of factors. The most important thing here is the type of ERP tool that you choose to implement.

Cloud ERP solutions are the most affordable ones compared to on-premise and hybrid offerings. If you are a small business, it will be best for you to consider a monthly or annual plan for a cloud-based ERP.

In case you have custom requirements, you can always request the ERP vendor a customized quote and check with them for payment options or available plans.

There are multiple vendors, and you can choose to go with the one you feel happy about and the one that matches your requirements. Just remember that whatever price you pay for an ERP setup, it is actually your business investment and is so worth it.

2. What is the best ERP System Software for Recruitment Agency?

Just like for any other small business, ERP tools are a great business investment for recruitment agencies as well. ERP software solution is an efficient online database and helps store all data for job aspirants and employees.

The recruitment agency can use the ERP tool to look for the best matches of aspirants to the job descriptions from different employers. Doing this by using different programs can be cumbersome and not as time-efficient, but ERP software eases all these hassles for the recruitment agency.

If you are a recruitment agency and are looking for the best ERP solution for your small business, you must check Proximo by Autus CyberTech. It is a tried and tested tool that is being used by thousands of recruitment agencies around the globe.

Your search for a free ERP system software demo ends with Proximo. We offer a free demo for our ERP tool and can customize its features as per your business requirements and needs. The biggest advantage of using Proximo for your small business is that there is no need for additional training for employees.

It is a very user-friendly tool, and the user design is very intuitive. Your business won’t suffer any loss of productivity due to the transition. We also take care of all data migration and give you the complete setup; there is nothing for you to worry about.

We have so much more to offer and would like to share all details with you, and please write to us to schedule a free call demo. Our executive will also make a note of your requirements to help you with a customized quote. Check more details on our website at this link.

3. How is Proximo different than other ERP system software?

Proximo is not a new tool, its full cloud version ERP tool has been in the market for more than a decade now and we are very proud of what we’ve built.

Proximo is a comprehensive ERP software solution that has been designed exclusively for small businesses. It is a cloud-based ERP tool that is hosted on our cloud servers, so there is no need for you to install new hardware or hire IT professionals to run your ERP tool.

It is one of the most affordable ERP solutions available in the market today. We don’t give you the tool as it is. We customize it to your requirements and do the entire setup for your business. Our job doesn’t end at installation. We continue to be at your service to ensure your system runs smoothly 24X7.

You can access this tool from anywhere around the globe. All you need is a stable internet connection. We also ensure timely updates so that you get access to the latest new features and continue to make the best use of all features to drive your business growth.

We are trusted by more than 100k clients and have 20k+ positive customer reviews that speak highly of Proximo as the best ERP system software in the world. We leave no stone unturned to support you in every possible way to ensure your business is streamlined after the ERP is set up and ready to skyrocket its sales!

If you are looking for a reliable and robust ERP tool, we invite you to check out Proximo. You can browse our features and schedule a call with us to know more about the free demo. Get in touch with us today!

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