Exploring ERP System Modules: Types, Functions, and Applications

Businesses incessantly hunt for convenient, operative methods to streamline their processes and improve productivity while lowering costs. A full-fledged ERP software is a critical tool that can help them scale up their business growth and profitability at a global level. The modules of ERP are perfect. Human resources, accounting and financials, manufacturing, asset tracking, supply chain management, and customer relationship management are a couple of the modules that organizations find valuable and effective.

  • Human Resources Module: Manage workforce, collect and handle information associated with employees and departments, etc.
  • Manufacturing Module: Plan and schedule production plans, procure raw materials, track inventory, etc.
  • Supply Chain Management Module: Manage every single aspect of the supply chain – suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers
  • Customer Relationship Management Module: Build strong relationships with customers and prospects, improve customer experience and satisfaction, and respond to queries quickly
  • Accounting & Financial Module: Understand and track their financial performance, prepare reports, automate payments, and optimize accounts