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A online ERP software is the cornerstone to an enterprise-wide approach to unifying and automating different core processes of your business from a central database. From asset tracking to supply chain management to manufacturing, CyberTech streamlines mission-critical operations with ease.

It might get difficult for a manufacturing company to function without proper enterprise resource planning software in today’s competitive market. Choosing the right ERP system companies for your business need not be a headache. Autus Cyber-Tech delivers a comprehensive suite of robust ERP solutions to meet the shifting needs of your business and improve productivity while reducing operational costs. Our ERP software consists of a broad range of in-built modules, including manufacturing, financial & accounting, and customer relationship management software system, which are ready for immediate utilization. In addition, it’s highly customizable, intuitive, and easy to scale. CyberTech is engineered to serve small and medium-sized businesses and can be used on various devices and platforms.


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Remind Me, What is ERP and Why Implement It?

Every growing company needs the best ERP software for small businesses; it is not a matter of why, but when. With a continuous expansion of your business and data, it is vital to invest in integrated business management solutions that can propel your efficiency and ROI and diminish expenditures. And that’s where cloud-based ERP software companies come into the picture.  

CyberTech is a cutting-edge ERP software provider that allows you to integrate, streamline, and automate critical functional areas, such as manufacturing and financials, of your business through a single database and delivers high output. Leveraging our major ERP system integration modules empowers you to manage your front and backend processes from a single portal and deliver unparalleled customer service. With our advanced ERP system, you can:

  • Gain detailed, real-time insights into your business’ data, inventory, and operations
  • comprehend the financial ledgers
  • track your manufacturing status correctly
  • eliminate redundant tasks and operations through automation
  • forecast demand accurately and plan your production better
  • improve sales pipeline & conversions

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Frequently Asked Quetions

We've crafted a list of the most frequently asked questions to make it easier to answer your basic queries. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

With our next-generation, ground-breaking ERP management software ‘CyberTech,’ we give you complete control to manage every aspect of your business, finances, and employee from a central point. From team-specific automation to logistics & distribution management to payroll, this online ERP software system will take your workforce management and business operations to the next level.

As a leading software provider, we ensure that you get all essential cloud ERP modules and features that can effectively handle your business needs for the least amount of effort. We offer the following key modules:

  • Financial and Accounting Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resource (HR)
  • Manufacturing Modules

ERP stands for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning,’ which typically encompasses a suite of integrated applications, enabling you to leverage one single system to standardize multiple functions across different units within an organization. With an online ERP system like CyberTech, you can enhance your product quality, simplify compliance, improve efficiency, save money, and scale your business. In addition, it will aid in managing and keeping track of all financial records and transactions in an organized manner.

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